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Construction Materials
   Products & Services - Construction Materials

Goldstar manufacture bespoke Aluminium units to provide their customer with a wide range of high performance glazing options. This successful operation has resulted in a high quality range of products that encompasses Fascias, Curtain Walling, Door Entry, Windows, Doors, Conservatories, Patent Glazing, Mid Rise and Ground Floor Glazing Systems. Goldstar fabricate fully integrated sections that allow maximum flexibility in design, easy installation, proven performance and guaranteed reliability. Specific profiles, corners, angles, square and sloping bends can all be manufactured by Goldstar to your specific requirements, so please ask. There is an enormous range of colours to choose from to match either the BS or RAL number of your choice.

Today PVCU is the most common material used for windows and doors in the domestic market. Because of growing popularity PVCU is now available in various shades of white, woodgrains and certain colours - for more information contact Goldstar. The popularity of PVCU has grown mainly because it is virtually maintenance free, does not rot or distort, is weather resistant and has excellent thermal characteristics.

Every window, door and conservatory is made to your specific requirements, utilising only the best quality materials that conform to the highest International Quality Standards.

The original material choice for windows, doors and conservatories which has the traditional look and feel that are essential for many projects. Quality timber that is properly maintained has a proven record for durability. The natural look of hardwood is often preferred but it can be primed and painted just like softwood which gives you infinite colour possibilities and the option of changing colour.

Timber is often specified where sound insulation may be a main concern, it also offers excellent thermal characteristics. Hardwood is usually a more expensive alternative, whereas softwood is slightly cheaper and comes from an environmentally renewable source.

Aluminium and Timber
A combination of aluminium on the outside and natural timber on the inside is becoming very popular. The inherent strength of aluminium, with an enormous choice of colours and virtually maintenance free make it the perfect choice for an external material and look. On the inside the natural elegance of hardwood embodies quality, warmth and reassurance.

Other materials are available such as steel which is more difficult to work with, thus making it more expensive to manufacture and fit.

Composite materials are also favoured for infill panels and doors which are quite substantial and also virtually maintenance free but also become more expensive.

There are many other materials, combinations and options - you are better speaking to the experts and getting the right advice - speak to Goldstar now.

Glass is possibly the most obvious component of any window. Choice of glass may be aesthetically or performance based and in some cases it is dictated for fire safety reasons. The choice of glass can be split as follows:

Clear Glass
Ordinary annealed glass, economical and adequate for most purposes.

Patterned/frosted glass that provides privacy or shade protection.

Heat treated glass used for safety glazing, lighter and more economical than laminated glass.

Two sheets of glass with a central layer of tough plastic, typically polyvinyl butyral. The plastic film filters out  99% of the sun's ultraviolet rays, therefore reducing the fading of fabrics. Laminated glass reduces transmitted sound and can be used as a safety glass. Different types are used for security, fire resistance and sound and UV control.

Bespoke coloured leaded effect and all leaded designs.

Low Energy
Glass coated with transparent metal oxide that reflects heat on one side whilst letting heat through from the other.

Fire Resistant
Glass that will not crack or fall away from the frame when exposed to fire. Types include wire free borosilicate (made from borax as well as silica), wired (glass reinforced with wire mesh), and copper lights (ordinary glass held tightly in a copper frame). Fire resistant glass is normally specified on a performance basis calculated on its performance time.

Don't compromise or restrict the visual integrity - get your specifier or architect to talk to Goldstar and make your dreams a reality.

Goldstar can also supply all the accessories, door and window furniture to whatever level of performance, style and colour to suit your requirements and taste.